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For more information, please click on the picture.

*Please note, all properties in the towns of Inglis, Angusville, Shellmouth & Dropmore are required to be developed within 2 years of purchase. Please contact Adrienne Falloon, Planning Officer via email for more information

Roll 31880-Inglis
Roll 52000-Shellmouth
Roll 52200-Shellmouth
Roll 54600-Shellmouth
Roll 54700-Shellmouth
Roll 55000-Shellmouth
Roll 62400-Shellmouth
Roll 63150-Shellmouth
Roll 63301-Shellmouth
Roll 64410-Shellmouth
Roll 99900-Dropmore
Roll 347800-Angusville
Roll 360530-Angusville
Roll 360540-Angusville
Roll 360550-Angusville
Roll 360560-Angusville
Roll 360570-Angusville
Roll 403240-Silver Beach